0.67in ID Protection Guard Wide Roller Stamp w/ 3ink Refill Red

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1. IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION SOLUTION: Our Upgraded version roller stamp is uniquely designed to cover sensitive information. Effectively used to hide social security number, bank statements, shipping address, tax documents, junk mails, address on bills, and many more.
2. SAVE TIME: The 0.67 inches wide coverage area with adjustable length made swiping easy and fast. The ink dries quickly so you can cover more information much faster than a paper shredder.
3. EASY TO USE: Our stamp is pre-inked so all you need to do is open the cover and start swiping. The stamp is safe and simple to use.
4. BONUS 3 INK REFILLS: Ink is the life blood of any stamp. Therefore, we included 3 ink refills to make sure that you will have many swipes before running out.
5. ECO-FRIENDLY: The paper can easily be recycling once all personal information had been covered. Now you can lend a helping hand in saving our planet.
6.PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1x Red Identity Theft Roller Stamp w/ 3 Ink Refills