6 Color 6pcs Ice Cooling Towels for Sports & Outdoor Activities

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    For Sports, Yard Work, Outdoor Activities
    Dark Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Green, Grey, Orange
    30 x 100 CM
    Package Includes
    1x Set of Cooling Towels(6pcs)
    Installation Instructions
    Not Included


  • SUPER SOFT --- it is different from most of the old style cooling towels that are crunchy hard when dry. Our cooling towel is always soft both wet and dry.
  • ABSORBENT AND BREATHABLE --- the special mesh fabric retains enough water that is required for the cooling effect. And it is breathable comfortable to skin.
  • TIME --- it cools, up to 30 degree below body temperature and it lasts for up to 3 hours until the next rehydration if not under direct sun.
  • HIGH QUALITY EDGE STITCHING --- towel edge is improved to avoid any possible sloppy threads.

  • How to use:

  • Simply "wet it" , "wing it" and "snap it"
  • When the towel is wet, it will be extremely cooler than the outside air, thereby providing cooling effect
  • When it starts to dry out after using, simply re-wet, re-wing and snap it.
  • Wet it with ice water to further enchance the cooling effect.