Automotive 3Minstallation Hardware Front & Rear Bumper Lipinstall

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    For Front Lip Installation
    Package Description
    -Installation kit appropriate for installing front / rear bumper lips
    -P600 ultra fine wet or dry sand paper pads can be used to smoothen down the rough edges the insides of bumper lips
    -8mm 3M double sided adhesive is used to stabilize the mounting position of your bumper lip
    -Alcohol Cleaning Pads are perfect for cleaning prep areas of application, especially where double side tape adhesive is being used
    -The self-tapping screws are a universal screw designed to penetrate all types of plastics and poly materials
    -The U nuts and screw set are essential for securing your bumper lip
    -Multi Purpose adhesive paste comes in helpful for those hard to reach areas where you can't apply double side tape
    Package Contents
    1x 8mm 3M Double Side Tape
    1x Surface Cleaner Sachet
    1x Automotive Adhesion Promoter
    1x Sanding Discs
    8x Self Tap Screw (25x5x12mm)
    4x Screw (25x5x12mm)
    4x U Nuts (20x12.5x5mm)
    Installation Instructions
    Not Included