1x Roll 3M Acrylic Foam Double Sided Tape Mounting Attachment Adhesive

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    Red Liner
    1" width x 90" length (2.5CM x 230CM)
    Acrylic Foam
    Package Includes
    1x Roll 3M Double Sided Tape
    Installation Instructions
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  • Applied in furniture decorate strips, photo frame.
  • For sealing electronic components and electronic machine, stuffing
  • For bonding automobile rearview mirror, medical equipment parts
  • Used to fix the frame of LCD and FPC
  • Used to bond metal and plastic badge
  • Other special product bonding solutions

  • Acrylic foam is an extremely strong, durable material that absorbs and distributes stress well. It is used for mounting heavy objects or mounting objects to uneven surfaces.
  • Perfect for strengthening mounting positions for front and rear bumper lips, side skirts, trunk spoilers, roof spoilers, etc
  • Acrylic is a durable material resistant to extreme temperatures, water, chemicals and UV light. It is used in outdoor applications or high-moisture environments and adheres to messy or uneven surfaces.

  • Keeping in mind, there is user error when it comes to things like this, and we felt the need to include some tips for applying double sided tape adhesive
  • Prepwork where the surface of the item will be mounted, needs to be cleaned and free of grease
  • A Solution of isopropyl alcohol and water generally will be enough to degrease and provide a proper clean surface.
  • Alcohol removes the contaminents and evaporates quickly without damaging the surface.
  • When installing the pre-applied double sided tape, we suggest to pull back a small section of the tape strips.
  • This allows you to adjust as needed when applying.
  • Thoroughly examine the positioning, making sure that it is centered, once satisfied you can slowly peel the backing away from under the product that is being installed
  • Once the backing is peeled, apply firm pressure to the product on all mounting surfaces for about 30 seconds. This allows the double sided tape adhesive to bond to the surface
  • Please do not wash or tamper with the product being installed for the next 24 hours, since it needs time to strengthen its viscosity