17 inch Blue Heavy Duty Wheel Guard Rim Protecting Trim

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    Universal for Most OEM Factory or Aftermarket Rims
    Package Includes
    4x Hub Protection Ring With Leak Proof Liner
    Installation Instructions
    Not Included

  • Please test fit items prior to any painting services, any products that are painted void warranty.
  • Tires must be completely deflated before installing the wheel guard protectors
  • The wheel you are installing the wheel guard protector onto must be lifted off of the ground with either a jack or lift.
  • Temperature should be not higher than 100 �� when installation
  • Soaking it in hot water if it become hard on account of below -10 �� temperature

  • Item Features:
  • 1.Rings are machined out of high density Nylon for its extreme toughness, strength, and elasticity
  • 2.Bright and fine color allows you personize your car or truck
  • 3.Getting the car a cool looking and protection with affordable price
  • 4.Reduce or avoid minor scratches and scuffs to your rims
  • 5.Easy Cleaning:Washing with water Directly without Falling off
  • 6.Excemt fitment thanks to fine workmanship
  • 7.Closed Loop structure of integrated molding production
  • 8.Barbed Fastener improves a good drop-proof and loose-proof effects